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German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is the designer breed that is developed by the crossing of two purebred dogs- German Shepherd Dog and Rottweiler. It is considered one of the strongest mixed breeds. The other names of this crossbreed are “Shepweiler,” “Rottweiler Shepherd,” “Rotten Shepherd,” “Rottie Shepherd” and “Shottie.”

To know the insight details of Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix, it is important to discuss the temperament, training, exercise, grooming and health issues. From all this information, you can make out whether this hybrid dog could be a good fit for you and your family. Let’s move on in detail to have clear picture Half German Shepherd Half Rottweiler. The first question comes to mind is how do we have Rottie Shepherd?

The two working dogs are bred together to give birth to german shepherd rottweiler mix. Some confusion prevails over the origin of this breed. For a long time there have been genetic crosses, but in modern time the careful designer breeding has become familiar. Both the breeds – German Shepherd and Rottweilers served as guard dogs and possess working background. By the union of both the breeds, the new ideal working dog is created which is suitable for police, military and security services.

The Life –Span

The Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix live for 10-13 years approximately.


The temperament of Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix can be assumed by the inborn temperament of its parent breeds.

Often the GSD is observed as the aggressive dog. Whenever their handler stimulates these service dogs, then they become aggressive. If they found the owner or home is susceptible, then they reflect aggressive behavior. In the same way, the Rottweiler is also an aggressive breed that is concerned to protect what is “theirs.” They serve as the guard dog. So the characteristics of both the breeds can be observed in Rottie Shepherd.


The GSD and Rottweilers learn quickly as both the breeds are intelligent. It is quite easy to train them. To keep your dog out of trouble, it is important to teach them as quickly as possible.

You will observe that German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix breed is faithful, friendly and can develop strong bonding with their families. If they are appropriately trained and socialized, then they can mix up with the children and with other pets. It will be good if you start training them when they are young may be at the age of 5-6 weeks. For the healthy environment, you should be patient, firm and practice of positive reinforcement only. If you perform your task consistently then, great results can be achieved as they are fast learners.

Physical appearance

The Half German Shepherd Half Rottweiler Mix full grown will weigh 77-115 pounds, and the size is 22-27 inches tall. It is determined by the dominant genes and ancestry. Some may adopt the features of German Shepherd Dog (GSD) while some may look alike Rottweiler.

The color of Rottie Shepherd can be the mix of colors or compact. Colors may be black, cream, red, silver, tan, blue, gray, sable, liver or white.

You will observe the thick coat of Shepweiler as both German Shepherd and Rottweiler possess thick coat. Medium length is found in German Shepherd and short in Rottweiler. The coat length of Shepweiler depends on which parent breed he takes after.

Shedding and Grooming

  • The Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix will shed more if they take after the GSD parent, as a result, they require brushing numerous times each week.
  • During shedding season, it will increase to daily basis.
  • On the contrary, if they take after shorter coat of Rottweiler parent then they do not require more than a weekly brushing.
  • Take care of bathing and brushing so that excessive shedding does not occur. Grooming is essential so as to avoid dead skin and excess hair shed.


The Rottie Shepherd should be fed appropriate diet. The balanced diet plays an important role to maintain their health. They can quickly become obese, so they require the good amount of exercise. You can serve them the high-protein diet with full of good meat sources. The proper diet will make your pet healthier.

Health Issues

You can notice some of the health problems in Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix that they can take over from their parent breed. The health problems are – cancer, hip and elbow dysplasia, heart disease, hypothyroidism, allergies, autoimmune and eye disease.

If you keep an eye on them, then you can prevent the health problems. For vaccinations, follow the recommendations of the veterinarian.

Shepweiler Pictures


Both the breeds German Shepherds and Rottweilers are recognized as energetic breeds so the appropriate amount of exercise is required to maintain their health. If you have Shepweiler, then you have to plan at least one-hour walk or playful activities on a daily basis. If you are away from your lovely pet, then arrange plenty of place in the house so that they can perform self-exercise. Lack of exercise will make them destructive.

Relationship with family

If you are firm in training your Rottie Shepherd from day first and treat them properly, then they can be proved to be pleasant companions. Though you may experience them complicated breed due to the health issues, training and exercise needed. But you will find that they will serve you as the sweet, faithful and compliant dog. Only proper handling is required. They can provide great companionship and can prove to be lovely guard dogs.

If obedient training and careful handling are avoided, then they may prove to be suitable applicants for homes with other animals or children. As an owner, you have to take out time and determination to socialize and train them rigorously.

Overall Information

Do take care that you buy the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix puppy from a reputable breeder so that you can have detailed information about their parent’s history related to health and temperament. Being a hybrid breed, they can cost from hundred dollars to $1,000 approximately. The price is based on the breeder and the parent stock. If you face problem in training them, then you can take help of various resources so that they can provide you extra help.


The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix full grown dog proves to be the special dog. They are loyal and likes to make their owners contented. In any active family, they can acquire valuable place. It is the big responsibility to have Shepweiler as a pet dog. You have to look after their training properly. Give them quality time. Look after their medical facility when they grew older or suffer from any illness.

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