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While many designer dogs or mixed breeds are created, they are created with a certain intent. The Boxer Pitbull Mix is a prevalent mixed breed. It could be wanting a specific temperament with specific work ethic or anything else. But, it is unclear why the Pitweiler was bred. Both Rottweilers and Pitbulls are smart, active, and dominant. They also tend to have aggressive traits that come out due to lack of proper socialization or training. Since both the parents have similar traits, the good thing about the Pitweilers is that you pretty much know for sure what you are getting.

Best Fit

Since this dog is quite headfast, the best fit for them is somebody who has experience dealing with strong-minded dogs. The Pitbull Rottweiler Mix breed would not work with someone who is a first-time dog owner or does not have previous experience with such breeds.

Where to find them?

The best way to get a Pitweiler is to go through a reputed and licensed breeder or shelter house. It is important to get all Pitweiler information you can get, including the details about its heritage and the way it has been socialized till date. Since both parents are prone to aggression if you buy from unauthorized breeders, who breed dogs for the money and thus do not care about the resultant character traits of the dogs, the chances of the dog becoming aggressive would be high.


When working with experienced owners, who knows how to handle, socialize and train, the Pitweiler would be a loyal, calm and incredibly loving dog. Just like any other dog, this dog also demands attention. So, the person in charge would need to keep apart certain time (apart from the usual walks) for the dog.

When the physical activity sessions are separated throughout the day, your Pitweiler would be a picture of calm and serenity. The dog would have a tendency to hunt animals smaller to it, but it does excellent with kids.

When the Pitbull Rottweiler Mix dog would get a lovely and understanding family, you would find them doing hilarious things. They would also take excellent care of the kids. It is amazing to see them being so gentle when dealing with them, and yet, when they sense danger, they are the best protection your kid could ever have. You can bet every cent you have that the dog will give everything it has to save your kid from danger. Thanks to both the parents a Pitweiler is extremely brave.

Pitweiler Puppies Pictures


A Pitweiler is a big dog. The dog would weigh from forty to hundred pounds and can be about eighteen to twenty-five inches.

  • If you look at the Pitweiler pics, you know that they look like both their parents.
  • If you get your dog from a shelter, you might find their tails or their ears chopped.
  • Many vets now discourage this, so the instances of such things happening with these breeds are now on a decline.
  • The dog’s body is tall, lean, and muscular.
  • Depending on the dominance of its DNA, its coat could either be long or short.
  • You would even find a wide range of shades of the coat.

Exercise Requirements

A Pitweiler is a happy, well-balanced dog as long as it gets great and daily mental and physical exercise. You need to put aside at least one hour each day exclusively for physical activities.

It goes without saying, that since this is an active and big breed, this dog should be with families that have ample space. A thing t o keep in mind, the Pitbull Rottweiler mix breed is quite agile and fast, so the fencing of the yard should be quite high.

Training Requirement

Training a Rottweiler Pitbull mix breed is quite easy. This is a brilliant, focused and hardworking breed. Their favorite part of the day is when you are with them, and all they want to do is keep you happy. Which is why your training job becomes incredibly easy.

On the other hand, dominance also comes easily to them. So, you would need to be firm and determined. They would keep crossing the lines to test you, you will need to be gentle, yet show them you are the leader.

Whatever you do never ever use harsh words or physical punishment while training. Both training and socialization should start at max by two months in order to gain maximum benefit. With each passing months, the training would become harder as the dog would have established certain thoughts and behavior patterns.

On the whole, this breed is the best for large houses with experienced people. A calm, loving and happy household would do wonders for this breed.

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